Bloggers needed!

Layman finance is looking for critical, analytical and creative thinkers to join our organization. The compensation is based on the quality of the blogs.

Please contact me if you are interest!


6 thoughts on “Bloggers needed!

  1. FinanceProfessional

    Dear Alpha, I am very interested in becoming a blogger for Layman Finance.

    My writing skills are excellent+. I am a creative and flexible free thinker. My analytical and management skills are exemplary as demonstrated by my extensive knowledge, work experience, credentials and education. I am well acquainted with the most up to date financial models and outlooks. I have a keen interest in technology and research.

    In brief I am a professional Chartered Accountant supplemented with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a solid track record of senior financial positions with a strategically coordinated variety of companies all of which have cultivated my thorough depth of knowledge and experience.

    Just suspending my enthusiasm for this opportunity for the moment, at this juncture, in an effort to be brief and efficient, I have registered with Layman Finance under the name FinanceProfessional and provided a synopsis of my biographical information in accordance with the on-line registration form.

    How do you want to proceed from here?

  2. FinanceProfessional

    Thanks Andrea! Alpha has approved me to be a blogger on Layman Finance. I am very excited about this opportunity.

    To bring knowledge to the small business owner can provide valuable support to our major source of job growth. The small business owner, who may be excellent in providing services or products according to their professional credentials and training, but, has received very little training, or has no more than a cursory interest, in finance, accounting, tax etc. issues and opportunities, needs support in these areas.

    My discovery of the site is fortuitous as I have been planning to launch a web-based site in virtually the same modality as Layman Finance. I can’t, therefore, imagine any reason at this juncture why I could not accomplish my objectives through being a blogger on Layman Finance.

    Stay tuned!

  3. bigfourinsight

    Hi Alpha,

    Would love to get involved in this!

    I too have left a brief synopsis of my expertise on my profile, similar to FinanceProfessional. However to summarize here I’m a Big Four auditor with prior small business finance and tax planning experience. I can provide some insight on something as simple as basic tax planning, or basic summaries of current best practices in the assurance industry, to complex international transaction pricing strategies to reduce cross-border effective tax rates & liabilities. While the jargon and topics can be complicated, it’s time to find new ways to communicate these topics, and do so in a succinct and informative matter.

    As for investing and finance I’m a big believer in value investing, and believe I can shed some light on current market dynamics and the existence of some pretty interesting trends coming into 2012.

    Let me know how you’d like to proceed if interested!

    All the best- BFI

  4. barbarab25

    I am interested in the opportunity of being a financial blogger. I am a CPA and a CFP. I have taken some courses in writing and interested in blogging/writing on a freelance basis

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