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Power Play: Occupy Toronto, supersized with Anonymous

Hacker group Anonymous threaten to remove The City of Toronto website from the internet if the city moves forward with eviction of the “Occupationists”.

Per Vancouver Sun (link), the group had previously refused to take part in any activity north of the border, however, given that one of the longest occupation movements in Canada is under attack, the group has changed their course. “

The brave citizens of Toronto are peaceful and well mannered occupiers, and we  will not let the city . . . get involved.

I believe that the protest should be allowed to continue as they are not disturbing anyone. It is a right of the citizens to come together in a peaceful protest, which is what they have been doing. It is essential that their voice is heard by the legislature to amend the rules governing banking and the financial sector. Canada has been lucky to have strict banking regulations, compared to their North American counterpart, U.S.A. Here is one more example where increased regulation has saved the industry.

You can read an earlier post re: what the Occupationists need to do next here.

I am with the Occupationists. Good luck!