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BlackBerry Maker RIM is Going Through a Major Transition – Will it Take Them to the Top?

RIM and BlackBerry have been in the media all too often lately and mostly for the wrong reasons.  There has been lots of speculation as to the future of the company, and there is certainly a negative sentiment surrounding the organisation.  Why?  It has a lot to do with them not taking the competition seriously and adapting to the industry’s biggest changes.  But now they’re in the midst of a major transition.  Will it see them rise to the top and prove the media wrong?  It all boils down to “Can they execute?”

Let’s recap.

RIM essentially invented the smartphone and back in 2007 was sitting at the top of the industry.  Then came along Apple with the iPhone, and then there was the Android operating system backed by Google.  These new entrants changed the game by focusing on the consumer market instead of business clientele, and offered features that RIM ignored such as cameras, easy third party integration and better web browsing.  And to top it off, they were generally easier to use and nicer to look at.

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