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Gossip of the day: Get your Sunday readon!

Bank of England to consider £50bn stimulus for economy (The Telegraph)
Spain is in ‘total emergency’, the EU in total denial (The Telegraph)
George Soros says Germany has three months to save the eurozone (The Telegraph)
Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy calls for eurozone ‘centralised control’ authority (The Telegraph)


The EuroZone is ‘FUBAR’. Eurozone will be getting more stimulus, the markets are going to be more volatile, and please check daily for more losses in your local market.

And have a relaxing Sunday!




Reading list: Enjoy!

The man who shaped Obama’s drive to hold banks accountable (WP)
Blaming the messenger: Greece’s chief statistician under fire (MyClatchyDC)
Facebook’s IPO will be way overvalued (MarketWatch)
To Colleagues: I’m Outta Here (WSJ)
Scapegoats and Trigger Men (TheReformedBroker)

Europe’s debt crisis: Where things stand (CNNMoney)  – Highlight

In crisis-hit Greece, youth unemployment is a whopping 47%, while nearly 49% of young people in Spain are out of work.

The exceptionally high levels of youth unemployment have raised concerns that additional austerity measures could give rise to social unrest


My reading list: Enjoy!

My “before-I-go-tobed” reading list.

Activist fund calls for breakup of Blackerry maker (NYT)

The Great Bank Robbery (CNN)

Occupy Wall Street will lay seige to U.S greed (MarketWatch)

For the economy the real slam dunk is debt forgiveness: View (Bloomberg)

Are stock undervalued? (MarketWatch)

How emotions can cost you money (CNN)

Dow headed below 10,000 as cyclical bear begins (MarketWatch)

Turmoil in Europe Slams U.S stocks: Swiss complicate ‘Safe Haven’ trade (Yahoo)